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We’re celebrating the first project completed under our Building Hope initiative, funding the delivery of Hopestead Place in Ipswich. The site, owned by Emmaus Suffolk and the location of its existing Royal Oak community café, comprises two modular homes designed to provide accommodation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. The homes themselves were built by Cambridge-based New Meaning Foundation.

Building Hope is one of the our three main initiatives and seeks to provide bed spaces and/or additional accommodation for those experiencing homelessness in the east of England. Our ultimate goal is creating long-term solutions to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness as well as the issue itself. Building Hope, as an initiative, lines up with that goal by supporting those individuals in breaking their cycles of homelessness and, ultimately, making lasting changes in their lives.

Marie-Claire Delbrouque, CEO of Hopestead, said: “The impact that these homes will have for all of the Emmaus companions who will live at Hopestead Place over the next 60 or so years will be enormous.

These homes provide that opportunity for someone to take that next step out of homelessness, but still with a level of support. This project proves just how achievable long-term accommodation for those coming out of homelessness really is.

Claire Staddon, Emmaus Suffolk CEO, said: “When I met with Hopestead and told them about my aspirations to put modular accommodation on this space, I knew it was way out of my arena for funding and capacity, but they really came through and it’s been great to work with them.

These modular units will be that final complement to someone’s full rehabilitation from experiencing homelessness to stabilising themselves in their own home. We’ve got people from a full range of backgrounds, and all of them want to add to society so we’re simply giving them the tools to enable them to be successful.

To help document the development of the project and to capture insight into its importance and social impact, Norwich videographers Trett Films produced a video for Hopestead Place which can be viewed below or on YouTube. Hopestead Place is set to welcome its first tenants in the coming months, who will receive ongoing support in sustaining their tenancies and employment throughout their transition out of homelessness.

Hopestead – Building Hope from Trett Films on Vimeo.