#HopeFunds – an update from Ipswich Winter Night Shelter

In our first round of Hope Funds grants, we awarded £10k to #Ipswich Winter Night Shelter. IWNS is a project run by Selig Suffolk, a #charity dedicated to solving #homelessness in Ipswich. 

They offer shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness between November and March, providing guests with their own en-suite bedroom, a welcome pack containing toiletries and other essentials, breakfast, lunch, and home-cooked evening meals, the friendly company of volunteers, and meetings with their Empowerment Staff.

Through Hopestead’s funding, they were able to offer a huge amount of support last winter. During this time, a team of 136 volunteers plus 13 staff:
•	Provided emergency accommodation for 15 guests over 118 nights 
•	Accommodated three guests staying for over 95 nights each 
•	During peak times, six guests booked in at once
•	Supported 10 out of 15 guests secure accommodation 

Julia Hancock, Charity Manager at IWNS, said: 
"By being there, providing welcome and hospitality, ensuring safety and offering company, we enabled some very vulnerable, very complex people to feel valued. 

In turn, this fostered opportunities for them to tell us what they wanted. Many of our guests this winter had not been on anyone’s radar. They had not been seen or heard. 

You changed that. Even when it seemed that you may have been doing nothing, by being there, you changed (and possibly saved) lives.”

#endhomelessness #eastanglia
We're excited to announce that our second 'Hope Funds' round has awarded grants up to £10k towards projects across East Anglia that share our aims:

🏡Prevent and resolve homelessness
🤝Build empowering partnerships 
🏆Create sustainable communities

The fund recently awarded over £177k to 19 local charities, social enterprises and community groups, including…

@Empanda CIC
Mid Suffolk CAB

We can't wait to share full details of all projects with you very soon 👀

Together, we can end homelessness in the East of England 🏡

#hopefunds #charityfunding #endhomelessnes #eastanglia
At Hopestead, we believe in not just giving people a safe place to live, but understanding why they are experiencing homelessness in the first place, so we can make sure it never happens again 🏡

Today, our Head of Operations delivered training to the team, offering the opportunity for all to reflect and help shape future initiatives 💜

We aim to be sharp, informed and thorough in our thinking because our goal is too important for anything less.

#endhomelessness #eastanglia
At Hopestead, we adopt a culture of collaboration, nurture relationships, and value different perspectives 💜

Today we're excited to welcome tenants of Samphire Homes to our very first face-to-face 'Tenancy and Independent Living Skills' workshop. 

Together, with Flagship Group and Your Own Place, we offer trainees support on housing, tips on money management and budgeting to support people to develop financial resilience and to empower them to take control of their lives and living situation.

Because we believe everyone deserves a place to call home 🏡