Empanda (empanda.org.uk) have borrowed from Roman mythology in their name to communicate their mission. Empanda was a Roman goddess who had a sanctuary near a temple that was always open to anybody who needed protection. Those in need were also given food from the temple’s resources. 

Empanda formed the root of asylum and charity in Roman society, a concept embodied in the vision of this organisation. Their aim is to offer support services for the vulnerable, with a person- and solution-oriented approach to that care. 

Projects: ‘Wellbeing & Counselling Fund’ & ‘Practical Skills Workshop’ 

The organisation also has a dedicated Young People’s Services (YPS) team that approaches each case holistically, helping users to address whatever issues they may be facing as well as homelessness. They approach these with either 1-2-1 meetings or in group sessions, whichever is more beneficial to those asking for assistance.

“Hopestead’s grants for our Counselling and Wellbeing Fund is invaluable to our Empanda YPS residents. Many of our young people suffer from poor mental wellbeing as well as PTSD and other issues. We are so grateful to be able to offer them this essential help that would otherwise be unavailable.”

Empanda have their head office in #Ipswich as well as YPS offices, services for adults with learning disabilities, and day care services throughout #Norfolk and #Suffolk. It’s an incredible cause to align ourselves with, and we can’t wait to see Empanda grow and help even more people.

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St Martins (@stmartinsnfk) is a charity centred in #Norwich, #Norfolk that aims to assist people with independent living as a route out of homelessness. They provide housing, support, and care to vulnerable members of the community to help them (re)gain independence, while also offering education and advocacy to help boost understanding and compassion towards homelessness in the community. 

Project: Tenancy Training, and a community support worker to help people settle into their tenancies

“Homelessness prevention is a big part of our work, and the funding from Hopestead enables us to give people the skills and support they need to maintain their own home. The project gives people the best possible chance of achieving long-term independence, so when a person moves on from a supported setting to their own place they feel confident and well equipped to make it a success.”

We really admire St Martins’ mission to improve the lives of the community’s most vulnerable members, but also their drive to build compassion for those in difficulty.

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New Meaning Foundation (newmeaningfoundation.org) is a #Cambridge-based charity that focuses on building “affordable, modern, and sustainable homes for people who have experienced homelessness.”

They also provide training and patient employment for those living in financial difficulty with the ultimate goal of giving them hope and a future. 

Project: Repair, Refurbish, Renew and Build

New Meaning Foundation’s Repair, Refurbish, Renew and Build initiative is a great project that provides on-the-job #construction training to those coming from backgrounds of financial hardship. They aim to give direction and purpose to those who have struggled to find it, helping to rebuild lives through training and employment as well as physically constructing sustainable homes to benefit the community. 

“This funding will allow us to offer training in practical construction skills on live projects to people who have experienced homelessness and/or financial hardship.  We’ll offer positive reassurance, friendly and informal support, “hands-on” access to health and safety/CSCS card* and practical skills training.  There will be the opportunity for those that want it to then join our trainee programme and gain a level 1 or 2 certificate and/or NVQ.  We can also offer paid work experience over the next 3-4 months to those that want to move into this kind of regular work.”

It’s a fantastic initiative and we are happy to support such a positive and constructive social venture. Keep up the good work! 

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*Construction Skills Certification Scheme – the CSCS card is a widely recognised proof of a level of industry-relevant health and safety training.

The Mid Suffolk Citizens Advice Bureau (midsuffolkcab.org.uk) is an independent charity which, as part of the Citizens Advice network, has the vision to provide free advice to find a way forward for anyone in need of help. 

They offer assistance and advice on debt, benefits, employment, housing, relationships and legal issues. The advice they offer to help clients with their issue is free and impartial, and they also make referrals to third parties, fill out forms, write letters, negotiate with creditors and can even represent them in court or at a tribunal.

“The funding from this project has enabled us to recruit a trained money adviser, to directly tackle the problems that put people at risk of homelessness. Our trained money adviser is a single point of contact between Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk and local housing officers, giving one-to-one support to tenants for issues including managing debt and budgeting. We work holistically, as we know a wide range of problems can contribute to a crisis, so we can also help the tenant in many other areas such as benefits, employment, and family issues. We are very grateful to Hopestead for funding this project, as it will make such a difference to people who are in crisis and at risk of homelessness.”

We’re proud to support Mid Suffolk CAB in their ongoing efforts to support their local communities. 

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Hope Into Action (www.hopeintoaction.org.uk) is a registered charity founded in 2010 whose unique purpose is to enable churches to house the homeless. Their vision imagines ‘what if every church had a Hope into Action home?’ and pairs investor-funded homes with support from a local church. 

Project: Hope Into Action – Homeless Women in Norfolk

In #Norwich, Hope Into Action have so far partnered with local churches to open 13 homes and give 49 previously homeless individuals somewhere to live. With the Homeless Women in Norfolk initiative, they hope to extend their service to support at-risk women across the county.

“Hopestead funding will enable us to open 2 supported houses - one for single mother families escaping domestic abuse, and one for women experiencing homelessness. Working in partnership with several other organisations, we will be able to help reduce homelessness in these vulnerable groups in a sustainable way.”

We’re proud to support Hope Into Action and can’t wait to see the incredible work they will continue to do. 

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