We’re changing the story of homelessness, and so can you. Stay tuned to find out how you can support us in our mission to #endhomelessness in the East of England.
Today we would like to introduce yet another #CommunityChampion , Louise!

Here is a little bit more about her story…

Louise ran an incredible 62.13 miles during October for Breast Cancer Now and, together with another member of staff at Flagship Group, raised a whopping £454 for the charity! Amazing work!

Congratulations Louise, you truly are a #HopesteadChampion !
We have been recognising our incredible #CommunityChampions and today we would like to introduce you to Tina.

Here is a little bit more about Tina’s story…

Tina goes above and beyond supporting residents in Witham. She has been running the Witham Hub, organised a team of volunteers, collected food from local supermarkets, delivered food parcels and collected prescriptions to those unable to leave their home and ran a community fridge! She also continues to advocate for those who have no voice and actively promotes social inclusion.

These are just a few of the amazing things Tina and her team have accomplished.

Well done Tina, you are definitely #HopesteadChampion material!
Here we have another incredible #CommunityChampion who has demonstrated amazing acts of kindness towards others.

Please meet Rachel and read more about her story…

Together with another member of staff at Flagship Group, she ran 62.13 miles in October for Breast Cancer Now. They both collectively raised £454 for the charity!

What an amazing achievement Rachel, another super #HopesteadChampion !
We have been recognising, celebrating and thanking our #CommunityChampions. Every individual that has been nominated have demonstrated such kindness and selflessness in their communities and are well-deserving of this recognition.

Dominique did just that, with her incredible acts of kindness leaving such a positive impression within her community.

Here is a little bit more about Dominique’s story…

Dominique is an active volunteer member for Emmaus in Suffolk and at the start of the pandemic, she made face masks for the other volunteers there and to sell in the shop for their customers. Dominique then went on to raise an amazing £300 for Emmaus by selling face masks to care centres, home carers, schools, local doctors and neighbours.

Dominique also created a Facebook group called ‘Save Our Ears’ which gradually grew to having 60 helpers and over 300 followers. They created headbands and ear adapters to stop masks from rubbing. Dominique also joined another group called ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ and began making scrubs for local hospital staff.

Amazing work from our #HopesteadChampion Dominique, keep up the incredible work!