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We believe everyone deserves a place to call home, in a sustainable, connected community where the cycle of homelessness can be broken and we are committed to tackling the cause, the impact as well as homelessness itself.

Preventing homelessness benefits everyone, but it is often hard to direct resources to the most effective causes in order to build long term, sustainable solutions.

  • We will ensure that people are supported through uncertain times and kept in their homes, matching financial support with hands-on guidance
  • We will develop partnerships with white goods suppliers to ensure that people are removed from the risk of debt and the poverty premium
  • We will develop a bespoke tenancy package so that those moving to a permanent home with Flagship Group have access to some or all of the household items required for them to thrive

There are many great organisations doing amazing work in the field of homelessness. Sometimes having the extra time and resources to work together is tough, so we miss the transformative opportunities to do more and do better.

  • We will create an Impact Accelerator commissioning research to build connections and opportunities to collaboratively tackle the root causes of homelessness
  • We will partner with regional and national organisations that share our commitment using our capability and competence to add value to their work
  • We will develop further opportunities to expand Housing First initiatives across the East of England

People and communities have the power to create change for themselves but have rarely been invested in to release their capacity and capability.

  • We will develop a Community Champion Scheme and celebrate those that are supporting and engaging in their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • We will work with a cohort of community champions to develop our Hope Grows scheme
  • We will develop a strong pathway into employment for those needing additional support and coaching, creating a network of ambassadors to help them on their journey.

Building Hope

Earlier this year, we launched Hopestead Place in Ipswich with Emmaus Suffolk and New Meaning Foundation. See this project come to life with insights on its importance and social impact:

Hopestead – Building Hope from Trett Films on Vimeo.

Hope at Home

Hear from three of our service users; Joanna, Wayne, and Yulia; on how Hopestead have been able to support them in getting back on their feet.

Hopestead – Hope at Home from Trett Films on Vimeo.