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This June, people across East Anglia are being invited to take a step forward to end homelessness by joining the Hope On The Move sponsored challenge.

Participants will be able to take part individually, or team up to cover part of the challenge’s goal of 16,696 miles – 1 mile for every person experiencing homelessness in the region.

The fundraising event is being organised by Hopestead, the charity with the mission of ending homelessness in the east of England, to raise funds and connect people safely after a difficult and isolating time.

Starting on 1 June and running until the 30 June, Hope On The Move is designed for absolutely everyone, and participants are encouraged to join in in whatever way they would like – walking, running, cycling, roller skating, or horse riding – the list is endless.

Marie Claire-Delbrouque, MD of Hopestead said: “As restrictions ease, many of us can look forward to being reunited with our families and friends in each other’s homes. But life remains the same for those experiencing homelessness.

“There are almost 17,000 people who are currently experiencing homelessness in our region and through Hope On The Move, we want to raise funds towards delivering our vision of ending homelessness in the East of England.

“We know that by working together – with individuals and organisations that share our commitment – we can achieve our ambitious goal. Because everyone deserves a place to call home.”

Gasway is the headline sponsor for Hope on the Move and Nick Bartram, Gasway’s Managing Director said: “Gasway has always supported the communities we serve. We’re delighted to be the headline sponsor for Hopestead’s new initiative, Hope on the Move.

“We understand the importance of having a home, especially one that is safe and warm which feels even more important now than ever before. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in our communities getting involved with this.”

Participants can sign up for just £15 and all details can be found on the Hopestead website (www.hopestead.org).

Every ticket purchased and every donation received will go directly to those who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness in East Anglia. And everyone taking part will receive a medal upon completion of the event

Marie Claire Delbrouque commented: “After the last year, it is even more important to create a sense of belonging for everyone in our communities.

“Our Hope On The Move challenge will help to create that connection, and bring people together – safely – to raise funds, get fit, have fun, and step out in support of those who are experiencing homelessness.”