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  • Hopestead cut the ribbon on two modular homes in Ipswich with Emmaus Suffolk and New Meaning Foundation

    East Anglia homelessness charity Hopestead, in partnership with Emmaus, today unveiled Hopestead Place, two modular homes to provide accommodation to alleviate homelessness in Ipswich. These homes were built by Cambridge charity New Meaning Foundation (NMF) using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to ensure efficiency and affordability. Hopestead, part of Flagship Group, provided the funding for … Continued

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  • Hopestead releases Impact Report for 2023

    We’re reflecting on a year that has been undeniably challenging for everyone. Tough times have fallen upon so many people out there, especially with the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, but in the midst of these difficulties, we find ourselves with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, knowing that our work matters now more … Continued

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  • NMF modular home being constructed

    Hopestead supports £220K modular home project

    • Hopestead funds £220k Suffolk modular home project to help those coming from a background of homelessness• New Meaning Foundation (NMF), help people to learn to earn whilst building modular homes• Emmaus Suffolk enhances vital intermediate accommodation through a £220K modular home project Hopestead is delighted to share its plans to fund the build and … Continued

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  • Hope Funds Partnership Working Event

    On January 19, 2022, Hopestead held its first ‘Hope Funds Partnership Working Event’. It was an informal get-together (we hosted it in a beautiful yurt, and shared breakfast and pizza!) for local organisations involved in our Hope Funds initiative. Hope Funds Through the first Hope Funds round of funding (around six months ago) we awarded … Continued

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  • Hope at Home: A Case Study

    “Thank you so much, I can’t believe you are doing this for me. I am so grateful for all of the support around me and can’t wait to start fresh in my new home!” At Hopestead, we believe in tackling the causes of homelessness as well as giving people a safe place to live. We … Continued

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  • People In East Anglia Spread Hope This Christmas

    The Hope at Christmas appeal, launched to support people who are experiencing homelessness this winter, has seen a huge response from the public; Stockings of Christmas treats, food hampers, toys, and essential items  will be donated to families and individuals who can benefit from them this Christmas; It is the second Hope at Christmas campaign … Continued

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