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  • Hopestead cut the ribbon on two modular homes in Ipswich with Emmaus Suffolk and New Meaning Foundation

    East Anglia homelessness charity Hopestead, in partnership with Emmaus, today unveiled Hopestead Place, two modular homes to provide accommodation to alleviate homelessness in Ipswich. These homes were built by Cambridge charity New Meaning Foundation (NMF) using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to ensure efficiency and affordability. Hopestead, part of Flagship Group, provided the funding for … Continued

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  • Hope On The Move

    This June, people across East Anglia are being invited to take a step forward to end homelessness by joining the Hope On The Move sponsored challenge. Participants will be able to take part individually, or team up to cover part of the challenge’s goal of 16,696 miles – 1 mile for every person experiencing homelessness … Continued

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  • Hope at Christmas

    After a busy few weeks collecting everyone’s generous donations, our Hope at Christmas 2020 appeal has drawn to a close.  This appeal is just one step towards achieving our overall goal of ending homelessness in the East of England.  We partnered with six likeminded charities and grassroots organisations already working hard to eradicate homelessness to … Continued

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  • Drive in for Hope raises thousands to tackle homelessness

    Hopestead has officially launched with two drive in cinema events that have raised thousands of pounds to support those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The ‘Drive in For Hope’ cinema events took place on 9 October and 10 October in Ipswich and Norwich with a showing of ‘The Greatest Showman’. Ticket sales and donations at the events have raised nearly £4,000 to help … Continued

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  • ‘Drive in for Hope’ to celebrate the launch of our new charity, Hopestead – ending homelessness in the East of England

    At Flagship, we don’t simply want to make a difference to our customers and their communities – we want to solve the housing crisis too. Over the last year, we have been working hard to establish Hopestead, our new charity that supports our goal and is committed to ending homelessness in the East of England.    To celebrate the launch of Hopestead, we are hosting our own drive-in cinema … Continued

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